April Wrap Up 2017

Goodbye April. You were awesomely chaotic. I might be biased but I do believe April is the best time of year. Spring is in full bloom, the air feels fresh and I celebrated my 23rd birthday. It might be early but I’ve already entered this quarter life crisis mode! Adulting is hard.

So to celebrate the big day I was treated to a nice haul of books so my collection of unread books has increased in size…again. I also found myself in a self-induced food coma, it was a treat day. 😉

In other news I also started another job in April. That means I am working a total of 3 part time jobs now and it’s as chaotic as it sounds. I’m holding up so far so we’ll see how it goes.

Sadly, I didn’t have the best reading month and due to my busy schedule I spent the duration of April reading The Winner’s Curse. This book was beautiful and heartbreaking and I am happy I gave it a chance and terrified of the rest of the series.

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March Wrap Up 2017

Goodbye March. As always I’m convinced we’ve skipped a few days or something cause there is no way I believe April has come by so quickly.

Good news. I have a new laptop. Yes, after 7 weeks of desperately trying to save my old one, at the end it decided it wanted to stay broken. It feels weird typing on a keyboard again.

Moving on, March was a solid reading month for me. I finished A Conjuring of Light on the first of the month and that book put me in such a deep book coma I’m surprised I even had it in me to pick up another book. The Shades of Magic series has officially sealed it’s spot at an all time favourite. However, the two other books I read in March were enjoyable as well. Breath of Fire had that same addictive quality to it and Wanderlost has me itching to hop on a flight somewhere.

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February Wrap Up 2017

As usual, I will start this post baffled by how fast February has flown by. Now, this month was chaotic and was pretty much defined by my terrible luck with technology. A month ago today my laptop decided it hates me and basically broke on me. Assuming all I needed was a screw to fix it I took it to the repair shop and guess what, I still don’t have it back. So blogging wise I’ve not been as interactive as I’d like to have been but I did get a good chunk of reading done. The highlight of this reading month has got to be getting my hands on A Conjuring of Light and it was everything I wanted it to be and so much more. It has put in a serious book coma because I cannot get over these wonderful characters.

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January Wrap Up 2017

We have officially come to the end of the first month in 2017. Did I achieve any of the goals I set on New Years Eve…no. Instead I was hit by an absolutely horrible reading slump. I’m surprised I even managed to finish Stars Above. 

I did find some other hobbies to indulge in during this slump. By that I mean I basically binge watched a bunch of TV shows and films in that time. So on that front, I will say that I developed a bit of an addiction to Yuri On Ice. Now, I’ve not watched a lot of anime shows but I’d heard so much buzz about this show that I thought I should give it a shot and now I’m hooked and am basically making everyone I know watch it as well. 

Besides that, my life has basically consisted of TV shows, work and a no reading whatsoever. Sad times. Here is my monthly recap. 

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December Wrap Up 2016

How have we already reached 2017? I keep thinking 2010 wasn’t that long ago. Well, even if time has flown past, I think the majority of us are very happy to see the back of 2016. December was a very busy month for me. With 3 family birthdays, all the extended family making their annual visit, work and the Chritmas holiday, our house was the definition of chaotic.

Sadly, with all this chaos I found myself entering another slump. I only read 2 books in December, thankfully they were both enjoyable though. A Promise of Fire was an epic fantasy with a hate to love romance and a sprinkle of Greek mythology. Iron to Iron was a just as enjoyable and helped fill the gaps of Luka and Adele’s story. However, I also read this book after finishing Blood for Blood and my heart was still healing for the pain of that book. Luka will forever be a favourite of mine. 

So, despite ending the year in a bit of a slump I must say I loved the festivities. They always add a bit of magic to the world.

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Dream Book Conference Panel

Happy Monday to you all. We all have a list of authors we would love to meet. Fortunately in this day and age conferences and conventions are a regular occurrence in certain areas. The idea of this post is to share my ideal panel for a book conference.  For this dream panel, I’ve divided the authors into categories by genre and explain why they make up my dream panel. 


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