April Wrap Up 2017

Goodbye April. You were awesomely chaotic. I might be biased but I do believe April is the best time of year. Spring is in full bloom, the air feels fresh and I celebrated my 23rd birthday. It might be early but I’ve already entered this quarter life crisis mode! Adulting is hard.

So to celebrate the big day I was treated to a nice haul of books so my collection of unread books has increased in size…again. I also found myself in a self-induced food coma, it was a treat day. 😉

In other news I also started another job in April. That means I am working a total of 3 part time jobs now and it’s as chaotic as it sounds. I’m holding up so far so we’ll see how it goes.

Sadly, I didn’t have the best reading month and due to my busy schedule I spent the duration of April reading The Winner’s Curse. This book was beautiful and heartbreaking and I am happy I gave it a chance and terrified of the rest of the series.

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April Wrap Up 2016

Hello everyone. Another month has wrapped up and I am honestly baffled by how fast the time has gone. April was a slow blogging month for me and I think part of the reason for this is because April was just so busy for me. To start, I said goodbye to 21 and hello to 22. Naturally I ate a lot of cake and stocked up on my books. On top of that a lot of family friends had an occasion to celebrate so it’s definitely been hectic. In my March Wrap Up the only two books I planned on reading were Salt to the Sea and Wolf by Wolf. I can proudly announce that I did read both of those books but sadly that’s all the reading I actually did so I’m hoping to read a bit more this month. 

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